Painted Portraits

Mark's unique-styled oil portraits identify character using a contemporary bold style. Each original portrait is fast and fresh with an impasto, almost sculptural feel. His work is highly individual, collectable and a great talking point in your living or working space.


Impasto: (n) an art term used to describe thickly textured paint that is almost three-dimensional in appearance. The verb "impastare" translates to "to knead", or "to paste".


His current work focuses on the essence of face, using gestural marks to capture the image in impastoed lines and contours with fauvist-style complementary colours and experimenting with built up oil glazes. He wants to create awareness to the viewer of complexities of personality and colourful deftness of character. Influences include Frank Auerbach, Lucian Freud, André Derain, Ben Quilty, Adam Cullen and Anh Do.


Commissions taken. Email portraits@marktippett.com.au to discuss.


A portfolio of current work is available at www.issuu.com/marktippett.


Look for Mark's work on online auctions at www.lloydsauctions.com.au  



What you have said ...


Mark has a wonderful gift of capturing both the personality and vulnerability of the subjects. Fab strong colour applied in edible like chunks of paint.

Annette Hardy, Expressionism 2017 exhibition


Your painting of my nanna brought tears of happiness. You really captured her personality and her aura and you didn’t even know her. You’ve left me speechless. It’s something my family and I, especially my pop, will cherish forever.

Jesse Vella, 2015


My brother bought me the Peter Garrett painting (on Grays Online) - I love it. It is just awesome. I love the relative size of his hands because they represent the power he portrayed when I was growing up and he influenced so much. Thanks for painting it. You have touched my life forever.

Lisa, 2015


They (the portraits) look great. Our friends will be delighted and will be great talking point. I look forward to seeing your next efforts somewhere and thanks again, pleasure to do business with you.

Greg Edwards, 2016

(Recreation of Bald Archy Prize Portrait)